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Soaring Unlimited Education & Training Programs

Soaring has conducted educational services since the inception of the agency 28 years ago,

serving some 100 students annually with sponsorship of their school tuition, books,

supplies, and uniforms. This was our agency’s initial programming, established under the

direction of Founding Director Emeritus Dorothy Frederickson who was an educator by

profession. We continue this foundational tradition and have added English, Music, and

Leadership enrichment programs as well.


New After School Program

We welcome Madeline to our Soaring Unlimited staff! She will fill the new position of After-School Program & Baby Box Coordinator, conducting enrichment activities with kids in the Pistere community surrounding our Clinic, assisting with administering student scholarships, and expanding distribution of our portable baby beds. Madeline has previously served as one of our Creole/English translators for mission teams, and has teaching and administrative background experience.

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