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Women's Health & Birthing Center

Women’s Health & Birth Center

Completed Construction & Fall 2022 Grand Opening of New Women’s Health & Birth Cntr

As of Spring 2022, SUH has expanded our medical campus by completing construction of a midwifery facility where women in Haiti can come to give birth—attended by both highly trained professional Haitian Midwives and their traditional birth attendants (“matwons”) from the community. We will be providing comprehensive reproductive health services: prenatal and postpartum services; infant and child healthcare and developmental assessments; family planning; cervical cancer screening and treatment; STD and HIV testing; and other gynecological care. Our Board also includes two nurse practitioners who are guiding the development of our midwifery model for the new Women’s Center, one of whom is a graduate of the MSU School of Nursing and has been given the Alumni Service Award for her work with us in Haiti.

Our construction partner has been Building Goodness Foundation of Charlottesville, Va., a nonprofit with many years of experience building facilities in lower- and middle-income countries. SUH and BGF utilized Haitian construction management and local Haitian labor, enabling completion of this new building amidst both the Covid shutdown and violent unrest in Haiti. Our empowerment of Haitian leadership has been nowhere more evident than the accomplishment of this future vision, which would have been delayed for years had we not taken this route and utilized our strong relationships both with partners in the U.S. and the effective collaboration among Haitians in-country who were able to work successfully together with resources and guidance provided through US partnerships also working together. We are now utilizing such relationships and building more technology to staff and equip the new facility, with plans to open and be fully operational in Fall of 2022.

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